A few questions about getting wisom teeth pulled?

Answer I had all 4 of mine pulled (at the age of 24) . 3 of them came out easily, the last had to be cut out. The 3 that were just pulled didnt seem to hurt that bad. It felt like just getting your teeth ... Read More »

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Does getting your wisom teeth..?

they give you a local anaesthetic so it might be uncomfortable when they pull it out, but it shouldn't hurt- if it does, ask them for more! The real pain will come once it's removed, but even then... Read More »

Why Do Baby teeth need to be pulled if no adult teeth are present?

Baby teeth are a lot weaker than adult teeth. Even if there's no adult tooth to replace it, it'll usually crack and fail by itself eventually anyhow.

Had teeth pulled few months ago, can surrounding teeth move?

Yes, teeth can move quite quickly when a space is created like that. I have had the same thing happen. A space where a tooth was removed practically doesn't even exist anymore.

I'm getting my teeth pulled out. help?

this happened to me and for about 1, 2, or 3 hours they were really numb and i did not feel anything at all ( oh and BTW your cheeks and lips will feel very fat so that is normal) the things that i... Read More »