A father and mother's child no ones son Who am i?

Answer Their daughter?

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The child has the mothers name the father is listed on the birth cerificate does the father have parental rights?

Can a father take child out of state without mothers consent?

Provided it is just for a trio or vacation, and not a permanent move, then possibly yes. In other circumstances no. It depends a lot on marital status, legal custody, and any existing court orders.... Read More »

If your a teenage father does the mothers parents have to let you see the child?

If you are biologically the father of the baby and have not custody charges against you, no matter what her family says, you are allowed to see your child whenever you want. And just because you're... Read More »

Why is it that most single mothers do not want the father in their child's life?

I wish I had answers for you but I agree with you!My husband’s ex gf came to us and said, “I had your kid 2 yrs ago and they’re expensive.” WTF?Who says that? Oh wait, a person who only wan... Read More »