A fact about the pembrokshire coast?

Answer Above the (wearer's) left breast pocket, space 1/4 inch above the seam of the pocket, or above any other badges being worn.

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What distinguishes between the following types of coast rai coast longtudinal coast and fiord coast?

If you are a member of the Air National Guard, you do not have to be permanently stationed anywhere. Like any other national guard unit, you serve the state more then the federal side of the Active... Read More »

Which coast of north America is the leeward coast and which is the windward coast?

If you count the jet stream then the prevailing winds are from West to East making the the West coast the windward side. (This is of course given that the assumption is made over a period of time.... Read More »

Which coast sees the Sun first in the morning the east coast or west coast?

When a shows comes on the east coast at 900 pm do you watch it on a east coast channel at 600 pm in the west coast are there any east coast channels in the west coast?

well it depends on what side you are on like if you are on the south side than they might say 7 to 8 central you are going to watch 8 o clock because the 7 is on the east side