A defintion of bullying?

Answer My definition: When one or more people harm, hurt or harass one or more people either physically or emotionally. Everyone's definition's would be different because it's about what their bully did... Read More »

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What is the defintion of cyber bullying?

Any sort of offensive or threating accusations or material projected toward a person or group of people on websites such as facebook or any other personal relations website.

What is the defintion of a "highway crossing"?

Suicide.Just kidding. As these terms can vary in meaning from state to state (transportation is regulated at a state level) you should consult with your local DMV or drivers manual.

Does blu ray still look good if i have a standard defintion tv?

I wouldn't get a blu ray and spend the money unless you get a 1080p tv. I would just get a regular dvd with upconversion and save about $200. you will only be able to view as much as the tv will ... Read More »

Guitar defintion words! I need a guitar genius?

Those are called "modes". Basically they are variations of the major scale starting on a different note. The order goes: Ionian (1st mode) (another name for the major scale) Dorian (2nd mode)Phrygi... Read More »