A definition of bullying?

Answer Main Entry 3bully Function verb Inflected Form(s) bul·lied; bul·ly·ing Date 1693transitive verb 1 : to treat abusively 2 : to affect by means of force or coercion intransitive verb : to use brow... Read More »

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What is the definition for bullying?

Hurting a person or browbeating a weaker person.


Don't do nothing..I know you saying why not...But just listen god is going to take care of it...No matter what happened god is in control.

How can bullying be corrected?

if it is in school consult the teacher and talk to her about it if that doesnt work talk to a guidance councelar

A defintion of bullying?

My definition: When one or more people harm, hurt or harass one or more people either physically or emotionally. Everyone's definition's would be different because it's about what their bully did... Read More »