A dead serious question - a good answer could make a difference to my whole life!?

Answer the excitement and tummy churning have probably brought this on! Try vodka to dry out the cold sore eruptions but unless you catch them at the earliest sign of tingling Acyclovir or its derivative... Read More »

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This is a serious question- plz answer seriously?

The only time I use LOL is when I do laugh out loud. I have some pretty funny friends on the net.

Terribly serious question, Please answer.?

Start by asking your mom and your school nurse. During puberty, all sorts of weird things occur which are not bad.

DOCTORS!!! please answer my's a life and death question.!?

Right now you are having a panic attack! Chill out! Take some deep breaths,and relax. I answered some of your other questions,please go back and look at my responses.Heartburn can cause pain like a... Read More »

Alright... this is a serious question and i will award 10 points to the answer i deem best :)?

But what would yu do on this reality show?Once you determine a theme or thrust, that will decide to what production comapny to pitch it to