A damaged ____ will cause a permanent mark to be printed on every page?

Answer a and d depending on the type of printer in question...In a "Laser jet" printer a laser is shot at a drum to warm it up so the toner (ink) adheres to the page*. If the drum is damaged toner will ge... Read More »

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Problem about HP t4xi all-in-1 printer: I printed test page, and some colors printed incorrectly.?

Although the cartridge may be "brand new", it's quite likely that it might have been on the shelf for several months, possibly even a year, before you bought it.What's most likely happened is that ... Read More »

My printer prints a blank page in between each printed page.?

This sounds like your printer or printer driver thinks that the document you're sending is at least slightly larger/longer than what paper is available and is trying to print the rest of the page o... Read More »

How to Make a Web Page Fit When Printed?

Sometimes, no matter how you tweak the print settings in your browser, a web page that doesn't offer a "print friendly" button simply will not print correctly. Often lines are cut off at the margin... Read More »

Can I edit a printed page that I have scanned onto a pc?

Use an Image editor like for editing pictures. Text is a very simple image, to the computer at least. To look for the document on disk, go offline, NEVER do this while online and especially with M... Read More »