A cup of sugar, Or a cup of flour?

Answer A cup of sugar!

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Recipe for butter sugar milk and flour?

Add an egg and you have a cake batter, otherwise, pancakes/crepes, or shortbread.

I have flour, water, oil, sugar... What can i make with it?

What is a dessert you can make with flour,eggs,milk,and sugar?

Crepes don't need any baking soda or baking powder. But if you have either of those, there are 1000s of recipes for cakes and cookies on the web.

Costco or sam's club for flour, sugar, & other baking needs?

i went to costco about 2-3 days ago happened to pass by the sacks of flour and sugar they were roughly the same. i believe they were around $12-20. more in the higher area for me because i live in ... Read More »