A creatine monohydrate query!?

Answer 1. 3-5 Liters overall2. Yes it's ok to mix creatine/whey... most ppl do.

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What happens when you stop taking creatine monohydrate?

Creatine is just fuel for your muscles so you have more energy to work out for longerperiods of time/ do more reps. You can build muscle quicker if you do more and heavier reps. The muscle you buil... Read More »

What is dextrose monohydrate?

Dextrose monohydrate is a form of glucose known as d-glucose. Glucose is a sugar that is important in the biology of carbohydrates. On food packaging, dextrose monohydrate is commonly shortened to ... Read More »

Sodium Perborate Monohydrate Uses?

Sodium perborate monohydrate, a chemical compound that is a solid form of hydrogen peroxide, the website explains, is made by dehydrating sodium perborate tetrahydrate. Both form... Read More »

Natural Treatment for Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate?

Calcium oxalate crystals are one of the several types of urine crystals that form in cats' bladders when the urine is too acidic. They can occur in mono- or dihydrate form, and can form faceted cry... Read More »