A computer expert needed will you help me with this?

Answer OK if you look on the back of your PC you should find where you hook up your phone line and next to that you will find two holes that is where the speaker and mic holes are, the pink is always your... Read More »

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Vista EXPERT help needed?

If you wish to run programs and applications as an Administrator, then you need to have your Account established as such.You will need to make that modification under Control Panel within the User ... Read More »

Mobile phone expert needed .... 10 points!?

iphones cant bluetooth transfer to non-iphones.So here are ur options:*bluetooth the photos to ur laptop if ur laptop has bluetooth (u can buy a bluetooth dongle if it doesnt)*move the photos from ... Read More »

Speech Pathologist/ child development expert opinion needed?

Hi.I am a qualified child developmentalist and my area of special interest is 'language and communication impairments in children.'Development proceeds at different speeds in all children and altho... Read More »

Important. Expert Answers Needed. Please Source: What are the most common Internet scams & frauds, right now?

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