A coffee a day for a 10 year old?

Answer I would say its excessive for someone of 10. I'd worry it would lead to an addiction where you were needing more and more.

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I'm a 16 year old coffee addict?

You are quickly becoming an addict.PS.. Nice name by the way.. ;)

Is coffee bad for a 13 year old male?

In moderation, no harm can be done. More than three cups a day and problems will arise with time, difficult for doctors to diagnose. The younger you are the more damage it does.Peace.

Should 13 year olds drink coffee?

I'm thirteen and I drink coffee. Its not bad for teenagers to drink coffee- Just don't give them too much otherwise they will be seriously hyper!

What year was Folgers coffee invented?

The coffee currently known as Folgers was founded in 1850 by The Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. In 1872, partner James Folger bought the company and renamed it J.A. Folger & Co. The Folgers ... Read More »