A childhood song, give me some details thank you ?

Answer Old MacDonald....I felt like a freak... my music teacher made me sing it for music class.

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Give me the details of capacitors?

ThermistorA thermistor is a type of resistor used to measure temperature changes, relying on the change in its resistance with changing temperature. Thermistor is a portmanteau of the words thermal... Read More »

Can DNA testing give details of what a person looks like?

Advances in DNA testing have given law enforcement professionals the ability to pinpoint certain features, such as hair and eye color as well as sex and ethnicity. This has been instrumental in sol... Read More »

Can anyone give me details for student's education loan?

http://fafsa.ed.govFederal Stafford loans

As a teenager, did you have a song that you felt described... (SEE Details)?

I have far too many songs that I remember as a teen and into my twenties to pick just one. Simon & Garfunkel were big, as were the Monkees and Elton John. The Beatles, BTO, Elvis etc. There is one ... Read More »