A chance for sceptics to answer this question #2?

Answer Firstly, 'naysayer' is being used as a weasel word. It means "a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views"… That is not the definitio... Read More »

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A chance for sceptics (and others blocked by the asker) to answer this question?

I think the articles raises more questions than it answers:1) Why do these Cuban scientists not publish where other scientists do ???. 2) Where are the reports on follow up data of the 10.000 patie... Read More »

A chance for skeptics to answer this question?

Thanks to evidence based medicine including drugs, many wonderful people are still with us today. And that is reason enough for me to just say no.EDIT:Don't know much about sport, but in Denmark we... Read More »

The chance someone will answer this is 0% but I will ask anyway?

My favorite video is the one where he actually caught on fire

Why is my mouse so slow. Is it something my grandchildren have done Any chance you have the answer?

Could be that your mouse settings got changed.Go to the start button.Then go to control panel.Then go to the mouse icon and click.Click on the pointers options tab at the top of the window.Then sim... Read More »