A camcorder that can double as a webcam?

Answer you may check at, i've bought a camera from them and it works really well. hope it can help.

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How to use a camcorder as a webcam?

you hook it up to a video capture card that has rca inputs. a tv tuner works good, then u select that driver when you select camera source in the webcam windows settings. or some other kind of vieo... Read More »

Can I use a camcorder as a webcam for Skype?

You can use a camcorder as a webcam for Skype. However, your computer needs to be able to handle using a camcorder as a webcam, and you may need additional video peripherals. Some video cameras hav... Read More »

Using sony camcorder as a webcam?

How to Use a DXG 305V Camcorder as a Webcam?

The DXG305V is a digital camcorder that can record video and audio, as well as take pictures and play music files. In addition, the camera can be used as a webcam when the camera is connected to a... Read More »