A bunch of loud, unruly children that make a mess and cause a big disturbance.?

Answer Old Country Buffet is slop trough - it's ok to take ill-mannered uneducated children there. Olive Garden and Red Lobster are nearly as disgusting and attract a similarly low-life clientelle.

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What is that kids program where a woman would tell storeys to a bunch of children?

There were a number of them. There was one called (The Singing Lady) which dated to radio-only days. there was a show around l962-63 that had two girls- possibly teenagers or college student aged- ... Read More »

How to Deal With Unruly Children?

Unless you want your child to turn out like the character "Veruca Salt" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, unruly behavior must be dealt with immediately. Twenty years ago, spanking and corpor... Read More »

What could be the cause and the cure for coughing fits that start when hitting high notes or laughing out loud?

Mild vocal chord irritation that is triggered when you strain your voice. Try tea with honey. My cousin was a coloratura soprano with the Met and all that practice (4-6 hours a day) made her vocal ... Read More »

My fan is loud on my computer it gets loud and then quiet is that normal?