A bunch of loud, unruly children that make a mess and cause a big disturbance.?

Answer Old Country Buffet is slop trough - it's ok to take ill-mannered uneducated children there. Olive Garden and Red Lobster are nearly as disgusting and attract a similarly low-life clientelle.

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How to Deal With Unruly Children?

Unless you want your child to turn out like the character "Veruca Salt" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, unruly behavior must be dealt with immediately. Twenty years ago, spanking and corpor... Read More »

Why when I turn on my computer does it make a loud humming noise It only last a few minutes, but it is loud.?

It may be the fans spinning up and getting warm.It might be the hard drive, but that should only be a few seconds, other than the 'chatter' as it is accessed to start the OS.I would check the fans.... Read More »

How to Make an Unruly Horse Do What You Want?

Have you been having problems with horses that think they can get the best of you? these are some ways you can regain control.

Name the six children in the Brady Bunch?

Greg, Peter, and Bobby are the boys and Marcia, Jan, and Cindy are the girls.