A better site than ?

Answer Not sure what you're looking for. From Google search you can actually enter a phone number using the format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx and if the information is available, it would provide it. Generally, I... Read More »

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What social networking site is as good as or better than Ning?

yeah you right...hmmm..censorship has not come to terms in the world yet..if it has I can't find it..underground?..might be searching long time lol

Is there a higher quality online video hosting site better than you tube?

In 2010 will there be a phone better than the iPhone or is there already one better than the iPhone?

Phones will continue to become more like our computers. There will always be a better, faster, smaller, more functional phone down the line.As far as service goes, the future is wi-fi, cell technol... Read More »

When selling on Ebay is it better to start the bidding lower than the than the amount you want for the item?

Generally, you want to save on listing fees and let the (ebay) market to set the closing price. In most cases, this means starting the initial price at $9.99 or less. However, the only exception i... Read More »