A banana equals how many fruit servings?

Answer Obtaining one serving of fruit from a banana depends on its size. A medium-sized banana, or a banana weighing approximately 120 grams, equals one serving. A medium-sized, 120 gram banana is approxi... Read More »

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How many servings of fruit do you eat each day Which fruit do you eat?

I eat about 3 servings of fruit a day.ApplesBlueberriesGrapefruitOranges

I want to know 1GB equals how many MB and 1MB equals how many KB?

Sadly, it depends. Hard drives are advertised in Gigabytes being 10^9 butes. But operating systems measure Gigabytes using 2^30 bytes.So 1GB in hard drive advertised size is 1,000,000,000 bytes. 1M... Read More »

How many servings are in a keg of beer?

Several sizes of kegs are available for purchase. The half-barrel, which holds 15.5 gallons, is the most popular for commercial enterprises and fraternity parties. This size yields 1,984 fluid ounc... Read More »

How many servings are in a wine carafe?

A standard carafe holds a bottle of wine, which is six glasses. There are different types and sizes of carafes so content amount will differ. In restaurants, a standard glass of poured wine by the ... Read More »