A Walk Through the Ancient World's Costume Ideas?

Answer Use dress to help students distinguish between the many cultures of the ancient world. Much of ancient costume was in common -- ancient peoples tended to weave whole pieces instead of stitching, th... Read More »

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Ancient Ideas About Integers?

Integers are whole numbers, not fractions. Using integers probably began from using stones or sticks to count possessions -- such as cattle, sheep or other livestock. Since an entire cow, sheep or ... Read More »

Ancient Egyptian Project Ideas?

From 5500 BCE to 950 CE, ancient Egypt revolved around the Nile; the annual flooding of the river made Egypt's land arable. Ancient Egypt boasts some very visible symbols: the Pyramids, King Tut's ... Read More »

Ideas for Ancient Roman Ideals?

While the word "Romanitas" was never used by the ancient Romans themselves, modern scholars use this word to refer to the culture and identity of the Roman people, from the early beginnings of Rome... Read More »

Costume Day Ideas?

When planning a costume day, allow the student body to help choose the costume theme. This will encourage greater participation among students. Use your imagination -- and encourage student ideas -... Read More »