A Typical Chinese Rock Garden?

Answer Throughout the history of China, as well as other Asian countries, the creation of different types of gardens was meant to metaphorically transport the occupant into the larger, natural world. Rock... Read More »

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What is the difference between a Japanese garden and a Chinese garden?

Is it typical to experience an intensifying of symptoms while on Chinese herbs?

Per Avatar Gary's response, I think he makes some valid points.The source and "purity" of marketed "Chinese" herbs is an abyse of UNregulated mystery.Too, certainly your symptoms (taking what you a... Read More »

What is a typical 300 unit Garden Condo Complex Management Fee?

If the management company does no work, then the management company earns no fee. If the management company pays bills, hires and manages vendors, requests and evaluates bids from insurance compan... Read More »

How do you get rid of Chinese Knotweed in your garden?

Harvesting the roots of Chinese Knotweed will get rid of the plant. You may have to harvest them for more than one year to erradicate it totally.Chinese Knotweed is used as an herbal medicinal in C... Read More »