A Toilet Is Overflowing & Not Flushing?

Answer When a toilet overflows and does not respond to flushing as it normally would, the cause is a clog in the toilet's line. Not all clogs are created equally, so you may need to try multiple removal m... Read More »

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Can the type of toilet paper used cause toilet-flushing problems?

Maybe, but generally it's the amount of TP one uses that causes the problems. That, and the new low-flush water saver toilets. Thinner would likely be better than softer, because some of the so... Read More »

My toilet is overflowing! Help!?

For many years the old standard plunger has been the standby for this sort of problem, however, it should be replaced by a comparatively new version which is actually a combination of the plunger a... Read More »

Toilet Overflowing Problem?

Several reasons account for why a toilet will overflow. The issue itself is a problem, but the causes may be locally in the upper line or all the way out to the sewer or septic tank. The overflow m... Read More »

My Toilet Is Overflowing and Does Not Seem to Be Clogged?

It's natural to suspect a clogged waste line if your toilet overflows, and nine times out of 10, that's the problem. If you can't clear it, it may be too far down the waste line for your tools to b... Read More »