A Stuck Shower Faucet?

Answer A stuck shower faucet presents many problems, especially if you need to change or replace the faucet. Luckily, ways to remove a stuck faucet handle or stem exist and they are easy enough for anyone... Read More »

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Your shower faucet drips only when water is turned on in other parts of the house for instance dishwasher This began when you changed the shower head Why is this happening?

Have you got two single faucets or a single lever faucet? It could be a pressure imbalance or it could just need maintenance

A Stuck Stem on a Faucet?

Fixing a leaking faucet involves replacing the stem and valve. However, when the stem is stuck and difficult to remove, the repair is very difficult. This happens for a variety of reasons like corr... Read More »

Loosening a Stuck Nut Under a Faucet?

Every faucet has locking nuts to secure the base of the faucet to the top of the sink or countertop. These lock nuts usually are metal and at times, become stuck. If you need to remove the faucet t... Read More »

How to Remove a Stuck Faucet?

Replacing an old faucet only takes about an hour as long as you don't have trouble removing it. Unfortunately, if your old faucet has been in place for a long time, it may be stuck. As frustrating ... Read More »