A Star's Characteristics of Brightness, Mass and Temperature?

Answer A star is an object that undergoes nuclear fusion (the process of hydrogen atoms into heavier elements) in its core. Three of the most important characteristics to consider when analyzing a star ar... Read More »

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Does a star's brightness depend on its temperature?

A star's brightness depends both on its luminosity and on its distance from earth. Luminosity refers to how much light the star is actually putting out. Stars that are closer to earth appear bright... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a High-Mass Star?

A high-mass star is generally classified as any star that is greater than one solar mass (the mass of the sun). Some high-mass stars greatly exceed one solar mass, with some being over 100 times ma... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Maritime Tropical Air Mass?

Air masses are meteorological phenomena responsible for affecting weather conditions. Air masses are identified by formal classifications, including Arctic, Polar and Tropical. Sub-classifications ... Read More »

Characteristics of Red-Giant & White-Dwarf Stars?

Red giants and white dwarfs are both stages in the life cycle of stars that are anywhere from half the size of the Earth's sun to 10 times as large. Both red giants and white dwarfs occur at the en... Read More »