A Squeaking Noise in My Bosch Axxis Dryer?

Answer A squeaky dryer might make you take notice, especially if you own a Bosch dryer. Bosch is a company that’s known for designing appliances that run relatively quietly. A component related to the d... Read More »

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How do I Troubleshoot a Bosch Axxis Dryer?

Equipped with nine drying programs, a large drum and wrinkle-block technology to keep clothes wrinkle free, the Bosch Axxis dryer has a variety of attractive features. (Ref2) When your Bosch Axxis ... Read More »

How to Remove the Front Plate on a Bosch Axxis Dryer?

Bosch manufactures compact appliances for homes with tight spaces. The Bosch Axxis is an electric clothes dryer that spins the drum with a belt hooked up to an electric motor. The belt, motor and p... Read More »

How to Fix a Squeaking Noise in a Clothes Dryer?

A squeaking or squealing noise from your clothes dryer often means the rubber belt that turns the dryer drum has started hardening and losing its elasticity, causing it to slip as the drum turns. T... Read More »

Why Does My Dryer Make a Squeaking Noise When Drying?

Clothes dryers make many sounds during use, including thumping, whirring and clicking. These sounds happen for a variety of reasons, but if the dryer is making a squeaking noise, this may be a sign... Read More »