A Sign Through Facebook That She Might Be Interested Or Attracted (10 points)?

Answer Yep

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Is achy lower back a sign that you might be pregnant?

Yes. I have 6 children and 5 out of the 6 pregnancies I had lower back pain along with some cramping as some of my very earliest symptoms. This happens to me even before the nausea and fatigue.

Bloody queue jumpers, what might be your thoughts on people that take a full trolley through the express lane?

I am big and old with a loud voice and no problems about being grumpy. I never have a go at the person on the checkout, it is not their job to enforce the sign and they are not allowed to do it so ... Read More »

Determine the fourth-degree polynomial y(x) that passes through the points-Matlab function?

You can use the polyfit function.x = [0 1 3 5 6]y = [-1 1 3 2 -2]p = polyfit(x, y, 4)You get the coefficients of the polynomial.p = -0.0250 0.2167 -0.8750 2.6833 -1.0000to evaluate tha... Read More »

What does it say when you message someone on facebook that blocked you 10 POINTS?

I really don't think he will receive the message because he will most probable answer back, and considering the fact that he blocked you, sorry to hear, happened to me too.