A Question for anyone with more than 1 computer -DSL?

Answer AT&T should have sent you a wireless receiver. It has a USB connector and will pick up the signal from your primary computer's modem. Call AT&T's tech support and they will walk you through every... Read More »

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A question about itunes, can I use more than one device with the same account?

Yes you could have more than 2 devices signed into the same Apple ID (I have 3 currently) but no you can't use a regular MP3 player with it.

Can i sync an iPhone with more than one computer?

According to Apple's IPhone Support, an iPhone can be synced using more than one computer using Apple's MobileMe service or Microsoft Exchange. It is recommended, however, that data be linked to on... Read More »

Can OS with product key be installed on more than one computer?

Most end-user license agreements (EULA) prohibit the use of operating systems with one product key license on multiple machines. Microsoft states that users can purchase volume license keys to inst... Read More »

Can you use more than one computer with wireless Internet?

You can connect more than one computer to a wireless network. Limitations can be set in the router itself through a MAC address filter, but if that is not configured and you know the SSID and netwo... Read More »