A Question Dealing with Wikipedia and it's reliability...?

Answer Any source of information inherently has reliability issues. Books, newspapers, even peer reviewd articles can show bias, misinform, or use poor base material. I had the opportunity to correct th... Read More »

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Does anyone have any advice about dealing with a dispute with another editor on Wikipedia on a page(s)....?

What Megan meant by "move on" was to forget about the whole thing.Personally, if you are sure you are correct then I'd pen a dispute with Wikipedia. The information the site should be correct as it... Read More »

Why are there so many entries on Wikipedia dealing with moths?

Because there are quite a few different kinds of moths, and someone decided to write about them. There are many entries on pretty much anything on Wikipedia, moths aren't an exception here.

How is dealing with confidentiality important when dealing with child abuse?

Confidentiality is crucial when it comes to dealing with child abuse for many reasons: Most parents will pursue the matter in a court of law. The lawyer prefers to keep all matters confidential (Co... Read More »

What do you think about the reliability of Wikipedia?

I like to use Wikipedia for my first line of research as they often have links to more authoritative sources. But I never rely on it as a sole source of data as it is editable by anyone who wants t... Read More »