A Painless Way to Take Out a Nose Screw?

Answer Nose screws are pieces of body jewelry that have the advantage of being only one piece. When the nose is pierced, the curved and bent wire is worked through the hole. The shape of the screw holds i... Read More »

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How to Take Out a Nose Screw?

A nose screw is a type of facial jewelry that attaches to a pierced nose. Although there are many different types of nose screws, they all basically attach and detach in the same way. A nose screw ... Read More »

How to Insert a Nose Screw?

Nose screws look very cool and they are relatively easy to care for. The trickiest part of having a nose screw can be inserting and removing it. The first challenge is getting it in. After you've d... Read More »

How to Change a Nose Screw?

Nostril screws, also known as nose screws, are one of two kinds of jewelry most often worn in nostril piercings, the other being a captive bead ring. The first time you attempt to change your nostr... Read More »

Removing a Nose Screw?

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