A List of the Type of Holly Plants?

Answer With their shiny red berries and spiked, glossy leaves, holly marks the Christmas season, and is perhaps best known for being fashioned into wreathes and winter flower displays. The evergreen shrub... Read More »

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List of Holly Plants?

Holly is a shrub in the Aquifoliaceae family of plants, and it is typically characterized by its red berries, dark green leaves and small pale flowers. According to the Flower Essence Society, unli... Read More »

Japanese Holly Plants?

Japanese holly (Ilex crenata) grows slowly, 6 to 15 feet tall and 8 to 12 feet wide, and resembles boxwood shrubs in habit and size of its small, evergreen, oval leaves. Holly leaves are arranged i... Read More »

How do I care for holly plants?

PlantingPlant holly in quality, well-draining soil. Check soil type with a pH tester available at garden supply centers. Holly plants prefer slightly acidic soil, so if your soil is alkaline, add c... Read More »

Poisonous Holly Plants?

Holly plants are beautiful plants that keep their thick leaves throughout the wintery, snow-filled months. Their are many species of holly found in varying climates throughout the world. Some holly... Read More »