A List of the Top Retail Franchises?

Answer Retail stores are responsible for the selling of goods and merchandise. While some stores focus on selling specific goods, such as groceries or home improvement, others sell multiple types of items... Read More »

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Can you get rich in franchises?

On One Hand: Franchises Are a Great Small Business OpportunityUnlike brand new business ideas that are not market tested, a franchise is a business that has proven to be profitable and that you hav... Read More »

How do I advertise franchises?

FTC Disclosure RulesProvide disclosure information in all advertising. Federal law provides that would-be franchisees are provided with a disclosure document either at a face-to-face meeting or wit... Read More »

Are hotel franchises transferable?

Not necessarily. It is advisable for a franchisee to negotiate his or her franchise agreement in such a way that transfer to an affiliated company or family member is permitted and the cost of such... Read More »

Food Franchises in the 1950s?

In 1950s America, the production and consumption of food changed dramatically with the onset of food franchising and fast food. From the first franchised McDonalds restaurants in California to the ... Read More »