A List of the Five Types of Pulleys?

Answer A pulley is one of the six simple machines that human beings use to help them lift and move objects. All pulleys consist at a basic level of a wheel with a rope strung around it. Depending on the p... Read More »

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Types of Pulleys & Belt Transmissions?

Pulley and belt transmissions are systems that transmit motive power from one place to another. As the name suggests, pulley and belt systems involve pulleys, which are rotating disks, and belts, w... Read More »

List of Types of Computers?

There are different classes of computers geared toward different uses. Many of these different types of computers share similar internal components. In most cases, these internal components differ ... Read More »

A List of the Types of Nurses?

Nursing professions vary depending on the work environment, specialization and type of nursing license. Salaries for nurses can range from $20 per hour to more than $90,000 annually. The U.S. Burea... Read More »

List of Pet Bird Types?

Birds are inexpensive affectionate companions who can live as long as most canines, and require little maintenance. Really, all they need is fresh clean food and water and weekly cleaning of their ... Read More »