A List of Things That Global Warming Affects?

Answer Global warming is the slow but steady increase in the Earth's temperatures, resulting in alterations in weather patterns and delicately balanced ecosystems around the world. Though the effects may... Read More »

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Things to Do for Science Project on Global Warming?

The temperature on planet Earth may seem comfortable now, but dramatic increases can lead to melted glaciers, rising sea levels and the death of plant and animal species. This is the premise behind... Read More »

Reasons That Cause Global Warming for Kids' Science?

Global warming is a serious issue that children should be aware of. Although global warming is a complex topic, there are aspects of it that children can understand. Giving them information about h... Read More »

What is the number one type of pollution that causes global warming?

The number one type of pollution that causes global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. The most common greenhouse gas is carbon monoxide, which can be f... Read More »

Is it rite to be worryed about global warming and the fact that we could all drown?

dont believe it will happen anytime soon hun. scientist find all these ways on how we are going to die..the sun will blow up, because it is too old. we are overdue for a magnetic field change, whic... Read More »