A List of Things That Girls Like to Do in Their Free Time?

Answer Girls are multifaceted and enjoy a range of activities that reflect their personalities and trends in popular culture. While they still enjoy classic hobbies like reading and baking, there are many... Read More »

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List of Things Guys Like in Girls?

Though many would think that guys like girls based solely on looks, it goes much deeper than that. How a girl looks may be the initial attraction that draws a guy to her, but whether or not he stic... Read More »

How to Fill Your Free Time With Useful Things?

Sudden changes in our lives can open up periods of free time that we didn't have previously. Lots of free time might come about through change of lifestyle, retirement, career changes, having your ... Read More »

Questions for boys only! (Girls feel free to add to your watch list!)?

Medium to longBrunetteReal NailsPainted or non painted, doesn't bother meLong nails (seems more feminine to me)Hair downSmall to medium feetDon't care about clothes fit as long as it looks niceI'd ... Read More »

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