A List of Fun Speech Ideas?

Answer Just the idea of speaking in public can strike fear in people. Given that almost everyone has suffered through an agonizingly boring presentation at some point is enough to make any speaker want t... Read More »

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List of Five Types of Figures of Speech?

Unlike literal language, which states exactly what it means, figurative language engages the imagination through indirection. Figures of speech compare concepts to more familiar objects or concepts... Read More »

Funny Speech Topics List?

Presenting a funny speech can be challenging. It is harder to be funny than most people realize. Your material must be age appropriate for the audience to grasp the humor. Public Speaking Advise of... Read More »

List of Topics for a Demonstration Speech?

A demonstration speech teaches your audience how to do something or how something works. Visual aids and props can enhance the speech, and audience members will sometimes assist in the demonstratio... Read More »

List of Interesting Speech Topics About Cultures?

A public speech about culture allows people to explore its many facets and can inform or persuade an audience. Speeches about a culture can enlighten those hearing the speech and gives them a chanc... Read More »