A List of Discrepant Event Science Activities?

Answer Discrepant events are occurrences which defy our understanding of the world by presenting unexpected outcomes. These phenomenon are often used in science demonstrations to grab the attention of an ... Read More »

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List of Three Preschool Science Activities?

Most preschool-age children display curiosity about the world around them. Teachers and parents are accustomed to youngsters' questions concerning the color of the sky or the changing autumn leaves... Read More »

I noticed that someone I had invited to an event on Facebook now no longer appears on the list...?

I know that on facebook you can block event invites from certain people, without actually denying it.

What's the best app. to use for making a mailing list for invitations to an event Word, Excel, Google docs?

If you are going to be doing this on a regular basis, and you will be having many names and addresses to keep track of (like hundreds), then I would suggest a relational database application such a... Read More »

How to Incorporate Current Science Activities in a Science Class?

Science topics are frequently changing and scientific issues continuously arise in the world. Students should not only learn the basic science principles from their textbooks, but should also learn... Read More »