A Kid's Guide to Making a Rain Gauge?

Answer Measuring rainfall is something that kids can easily do with a few simple items. To make a rain gauge, you will need an old water or soda bottle, a large wooden spoon or stick, a permanent marker, ... Read More »

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What is a rain gauge used for?

Rain gauges are used to measure precipitation. This includes not only rain, but snow, sleet and hail. It can also be used to measure how much water is being put out by sprinkler systems.Source:Colb... Read More »

What is a rain gauge?

A rain gauge is an instrument designed to measure the amount of rainfall by collecting rainwater. Rain gauges usually involve a plastic or glass tube with marked levels, indicating the amount of ra... Read More »

Anyone remember a kids programme on C4 late 80's about a little girl who lives with her older sister and parents In the opening she in the rain wearing a yellow rain coat?

He can because he is obsessed with the road runner. that road runner is just to fast. Wiley has been chasing the bird for 20 years without sleep and he's getting weak, old, and sick.

Why Is a rain gauge important?

A rain gauge is important because it measures precipitation so gardeners, farmers and homeowners avoid both over- and under-watering their land. The rain gauge should be tracked daily. If at the en... Read More »