A History of Computers for Kids?

Answer The golden age of computers began with the digital revolution, but people have been using computers in their daily lives since the beginning of civilization. The history of computers began with sim... Read More »

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The History of PC Computers?

The modern PC (or personal computer) has changed the world forever. It seems to have sparked the information age all by itself, but the PC is really just one link in a chain that goes back much fur... Read More »

History of Computers in the Workplace?

Computers have been used in the workforce since the 1930s. The United States Government used computers to conduct census counts and create strategies for defense systems. The year 1975 ushered in a... Read More »

Basic History of Computers?

Computers have a history dating back to the abacus, a counting rack used by many ancient cultures. Progress was slow and some ideas were stillborn without the technology to implement them. When the... Read More »

History of Embedded Computers?

Once limited to military and space applications, embedded computers now are found in nearly every electronic device, from car radios to coffeemakers. Embedded computers have gone from weighing 70... Read More »