A History of Art Education?

Answer If you graphed the history of art education, it would look much like rolling hills and valleys.The times when art education has been popular in a society often correlated to the times when the soci... Read More »

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The History of Robots in Education?

A robot is a device that carries out complex options and operates autonomously, as opposed to a machine that requires a human operator to control it. Robots have existed for many years, but in more... Read More »

History of Catholic Education?

Catholic education dates back to 1606, when missionaries attempted to spread Christianity to natives of the New World. The efforts grew and spread to major East Coast cities, where immigrants seeki... Read More »

The History of Nursing Education in America?

Nursing education in America is the training of nurses to care for patients. Historically, nursing duties fell first to women, who used home remedies to care for sick patients. Nursing duties chang... Read More »

The History of Special Education Schools in the U.S?

The United States led the way for public education to become a standard service in developed countries. However, for most of the first 200 years after the United States was formed, children with di... Read More »