A Guide to Using a Rain Meter?

Answer A rain meter, or rain gauge, helps you measure the amount of rainfall on any given day. Rain meters come in a variety of styles from manual to digital. They are especially helpful for gardeners, me... Read More »

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A Kid's Guide to Making a Rain Gauge?

Measuring rainfall is something that kids can easily do with a few simple items. To make a rain gauge, you will need an old water or soda bottle, a large wooden spoon or stick, a permanent marker, ... Read More »

Tips for Using Rain X?

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment was designed to improve driving visibility in wet and other inclement weather, as a supplement of sorts to occasionally ineffective windshield wiper blades. Rain-X h... Read More »

How do I measure current using an amp meter?

Change the Multimeter DialChange the dial on your multimeter until it is set to measure DC or AC amps, which is the ammeter setting. On the dial DC amps and AC amps are usually designated with an "... Read More »

How Do You Clean the Windshield Before Using Rain-X?

Rain-X treatments help you see through your windshield easier in the rain. You can't just apply the Rain-X, though. It requires a certain amount of preparation first. Cleaning your windshield befor... Read More »