A Guide to Perfect Bangs?

Answer Getting perfect bangs relies heavily on the quality of the original cut. This should take into account the way your hair falls, as well as your face shape. It is hard to cut bangs with the required... Read More »

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How to Have Perfect Bangs?

If you would like a new look for your hair, consider getting bangs. People hesitate to wear bangs as they sometimes require commitment and time to style. The good news is that there are many differ... Read More »

Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent... Read More »

Im getting side swept bangs , should i get kinda short bangs or a little longer?

A little longer, shorter bangs won't sweep to the side very well

My friend told me that bangs give you acne, and i just got bangs. what do i do and is it true?

Bangs don't necessarily give you acne. If you have bad skin to begin with, then gettting bangs that stick to your forehead all day could contribute to the mess. But if you have okay skin, wash yo... Read More »