A Guide to Color Symbolism?

Answer Color expresses natural, cultural, social, psychological and religious connotations. Natural associations reflect nature and universal themes (i.e., green meaning growth and spring). Cultural overt... Read More »

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What is the Symbolism of the Color Yellow?

The symbolism of the color yellow depends upon culture . For example, in America, yellow can represent cowardice; in India, yellow represents the Hindu merchant class; in China, the color symbolize... Read More »

Language of Flowers: The Color Symbolism of Roses?

Rose cultivation goes as far back as 5,000 years, according to While red roses are among the most popular, the earliest known rose color was pink. By the mid 19th century, green... Read More »

Men's Dressing Color Guide?

The commonly held theory is that men know little about color-coordinating their dress wear. Having a flair for color requires that certain tones are used when dressing for certain occasions. Skin t... Read More »

What color are guide signs?

Green is the background color for road signs that indicate direction, as well as give permission for traffic movement, according to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Ad... Read More »