A Good Diet For Me (No Meat)?

Answer the problem with overweight people is just caloric intake not whats foods you eat, your physical activity is not enough to overcome your caloric intake. so lets say you eat 2000 calories just do so... Read More »

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What is a good diet that limits meat & dairy?

@Chloe... that all sounds so bland and plain lol! Sorry, that's just me though. First off, do have a salad a day. Add all the veggies you love and sprinkle it with some ground flax seed to get your... Read More »

Non-Red Meat Diet?

Pork, lamb and beef --- the commonly accepted "red meats" --- contain iron, zinc, B vitamins and protein. However, red meat is linked to health issues such as increased levels of cholesterol, heart... Read More »

Is cutting meat out of your diet really better for you?

People have been asking your question for a long time.If we only had meat available to eat we would have to eat it to stay alive.Since we have choices we can eat a variety of foods.Some people live... Read More »

I want start a a raw meat diet.?

Are you serious? That sounds awfully unhealthy.