A Flower that starts with letter b?

Answer Buttercups, Baby's breath, Begonia, Bellflower, Black-eyed Susan, Bear's Breeches, Blue Indigo,Bluebonnet, Bougainvillea, Balloonflower, Belladona, Brugmansia, Blue Daze

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Can you gimme a name of a flower that starts with the letter "F"?

fernFennel Forget-Me-Not ForsythiaFoxglove FreesiaFuschia Flax French HoneysuckleFrench MarigoldFleur-de-LisFleur de luceFicoides, Ice Plant

Can you name a flower that starts with 'C'?

Is there a flower or plant that starts with T?

Tamarind, tarot plant, tea tree, thyme, tiger lily, turmeric. (This was all I could think of. I'm ashamed of myself)

Something in the sea or shore starts with the letter U?