A Fig Tree Is Dying?

Answer Gardeners get a good bargain with a fig tree (Ficus carica). In exchange for an appropriate location and minimal care, the tree offers a generous crop of delicious and exotic fruit every year, deep... Read More »

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My tree in my front yard is dropping more seeds than usual, does this mean my tree is dying?

Some trees are cyclical, where every few years they'll produce a massive amount of seeds, then regular amounts the other years. The baby trees are more likely to have some survive with this strateg... Read More »

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree from Dying?

Does your Christmas tree look like it's tilting, all dried up or about to fall over? If so, it's time to do a quick rescue job!

The Care of a Dying Red Bud Tree?

In many areas of the United States the first sign of spring is the flowering redbud. The tree is small in stature with bright pink to purple or white blooms that cover the tree and erupt simultaneo... Read More »

How to Keep a Bonsai Tree From Dying?

Like all living things, bonsai trees are susceptible to diseases, become unhealthy and in some cases die when they do not receive proper care. The good news is that you can employ basic tactics to... Read More »