A Description of the California Redwoods?

Answer The National Park Service, or NPS, notes on its website that California's coast redwood ecosystem boasts some of the planet's "most majestic forests." These forests are home to a variety of plant a... Read More »

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Where are california redwoods?

California redwoods are located throughout the coastal portion of northern California. Although the best known groves are located near Highway 101 north of Leggett, they are also present in Muir Wo... Read More »

Where are redwoods in California?

Different types of redwood trees grow throughout Northern California and along the California coast. These giant trees also thrive in the Sierra Nevada region of California. Redwood National Park m... Read More »

How do I visit the California redwoods?

ResearchDo research on the Redwood National and State Parks to determine what you and your family want to see and do; after all, the park covers 131,983 acres, as of 2010. There are many accommodat... Read More »

Where are the California redwoods located?

In their natural range, California redwood trees grow in a narrow strip along the California coast from the Oregon border to southern Monterey county, usually at elevations from 100 to 2,300 feet.S... Read More »