A Description of Quadrilaterals?

Answer Quadrilaterals are two-dimensional geometric figures with four sides, four angles and four vertices or corners. The angles can be acute, right or obtuse, but they will always add up to 360 degrees ... Read More »

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How many quadrilaterals can you make on a 3 by 3 grid?

A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon: e.g., square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid and rhombus. The number of quadrilaterals that can be drawn in a 3 by 3 grid depends on the method of crea... Read More »

How to Make Four Quadrilaterals Out of a Hexagon?

Hexagons have six sides. Quadrilaterals have four, so four quadrilaterals will have a total of 16 sides. So you will need to add 10 sides to make four quadrilaterals out of a hexagon. Since each li... Read More »

How to Prove That Quadrilaterals Are Congruent?

Quadrilaterals, any two-dimensional, four-sided shape with straight sides, are congruent if they have the same shape and the same size. Congruent shapes have the same size angles, and their corresp... Read More »

How to Classify Triangles & Quadrilaterals?

A triangle contains three sides, while quadrilaterals are four-sided polygons. Polygons are closed two-dimensional shapes with straight edges. "Closed" means that the shape has an inside and an ou... Read More »