A Definition of a Military Rank Civilian?

Answer There are a number of federal pay systems in use today. Most are based on a hierarchy system of pay grades. For protocol reasons, these civilian pay grades have a military rank equivalent. The Gen... Read More »

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What is the oldest age that any military branch will allow enlistment of a civilian with a bachelor's degree and no military background?

Any conduct where one military member regardless of service or rank causes another military member regardless of service or rank to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel abusive?

Civilian Use of Military Insignia?

Actors and other performing artists may wear a military uniform and insignia. Other industry workers costume the thespians. Also, civilian contractors working for the military may bear a uniform an... Read More »

How is the military different from civilian life?

The military "owns" you - you have to "ask permission" for what you want. In civilian life, YOU call the shots!