A Comparison of Motorcycle Tires?

Answer There is not a single more important component on a motorcycle then the tires. "Modern tire construction is one of the most studied and scientific elements of motorcycle development," according to ... Read More »

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Passenger Car Tires Comparison?

Most vehicles sold in the U.S. have all-season tires designed for average driving conditions. If you aren't average, decide which tire attributes (long tread life, traction, noise level and fuel ef... Read More »

How much air do you put in motorcycle tires?

On One Hand: Check the Owner's ManualThe ideal amount of air pressure for individual motorcycle tires is determined by the manufacturers. You can find their recommendations in your owner's manual. ... Read More »

What do the numbers on motorcycle tires mean?

If the number appears like this: 150/80Z R16, the 150 is the tire's width in millimeters; 80 is the aspect ratio; Z is the speed rating; R tells us that radial construction was used in the tire's c... Read More »

About Motorcycle Touring Tires?

Losing traction due to bad weather, road conditions and treadwear on a long motorcycle ride is not something any rider wants to experience. Touring is a popular form of long-distance, multiple terr... Read More »