A Citizen's Power of Arrest?

Answer The power of a citizen to arrest another descended into the American legal system from the common law of Great Britain. In the Middle Ages, the lack of any organized law enforcement outside of the ... Read More »

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Should the army have the power to arrest any citizen?

Does the secret service uniform division have arrest power off duty?

Allen something and William something I need the last names for a school project, but i can't find it

Differences Between Arrest With and Arrest Without a Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution provides for general rights that aim to protect individuals from exposure to unreasonable arrests, searches or seizures by police offers or other government... Read More »

Can a 1000-watt PC power& cooling power supply unit power three 8800 GTX units?

A 1000-watt power supply will drive three NVidia GeForce 8800GTX video cards with room to spare, since they consume approximately 247 watts of power each. You may want to consider separately power... Read More »