A Checklist of Children's Household Chores?

Answer Creating a checklist of chores for your children is the easy part. Getting them to do the chores is not so easy. Children have many things they would rather do instead of chores. Whether you provid... Read More »

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How to Assign Household Chores?

Chores? Not again! Every kid flinches when it comes to chores, but they are needed to keep the house clean and tidy and managed. Each person has chores they need to do. They need to be fair, not to... Read More »

What are your two least favorite household chores?

Getting up in the morning is definitely numbero uno. Sweeping is the 2nd least favorite. Oh wait, getting up is a chore, but not a household chore. Gee, I guess the ultimate least favorite is pu... Read More »

What are the 3 household chores you hate doing the most?

Vacuuming, folding laundry, and cleaning the slats of the blinds!

Points for Household Chores?

I can appreciate your situation. I don't think I struggle as much as you, and I have never been do the doc about it, or taken meds...but I do think I have some problems in this way. I am very easil... Read More »