A BMW Battery That Won't Charge?

Answer A BMW battery might not charge for a variety of reasons. The battery could be past the expiration date. Batteries can also expire more quickly if the vehicle is very infrequently started or usually... Read More »

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My Camera battery wont charge?

There could be one of three reasons or a combination of them: 1) The battery charger itself is not putting out enough voltage to recharge the battery; 2) The battery has become defective and will n... Read More »

Will a universal ac adapter that says it is 1.5-12v up to 300ma be used to charge a portable DVD player that uses a 9 v1.5 a battery?

How to Fix a Car Battery That Won't Hold a Charge?

When you get into your car and turn the key, you expect it to start. That is what happens for the majority of people going through this daily ritual. However, there are some people who say a little... Read More »

How to Fix a BlackBerry Phone Battery That Won't Charge?

The BlackBerry smartphone is a popular multimedia-enabled device that provides email, SMS and Web access as well as organization applications, such as a contacts database and a calendar. The BlackB... Read More »